About Us

Wild-T-Bison Farm: In the year 2000 the Wildt family purchased our farm in the historic Northern Neck of Virginia. Having been impressed by bison while visiting Colorado and other western parts of the country, we began to wonder what it might be like to raise bison of our own. After deciding that our own land was well-suited to grazing and hay crops in 2002, we began to study the bison and the industry of the animal. In 2003 we built fences and purchased our first bison. Since then we have grown to approximately 60 animals.

This all-natural bison farm uses no antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids, raising only grass-fed animals.  Wild-T-Bison is committed to excellence, bringing only the finest meat products to their customers so that they may enjoy “America’s Original Red Meat” and all of its healthy benefits.

At Wild-T-Bison Farm, we believe in responsible stewardship of our land and our animals.  We strive to use environmentally friendly methods of pasture management as well as rotational grazing methods in order to produce our high-quality products. For example, fly predators are used instead of pesticides, and native warm season grasses such as Eastern Gamma Grass and switch grass are important parts of our rotational grazing program.  We are dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and production of the American Buffalo.  We believe in producing the highest quality meat products with grass-fed animals.  All our animals are finished in pastures with green grass.  We have no feed lot.  We use no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics in the raising of our bison.

We welcome tours of our farm and operation by appointment, and we love to show our customers just what
they are getting.  Contact us to schedule a visit.    https://vimeo.com/241553857