Nutrition Facts

Why Eat Bison Meat?
Bison meat is naturally flavorful and tender. Bison will make any recipe taste better. It’s low in calories, fat, and cholesterol.  Dollar for dollar, you get more than your money’s worth.  Bison meat is more satisfying because it is nutrient dense. What you are paying for is almost pure protein, 25 to 30% more than beef. Unlike other meats, it doesn’t shrink during cooking.

Bison 2.42 143 82 3.42 2.86
Beef (choice) 18.54 283 87 2.72 2.50
Beef (select) 8.09 201 86 2.99 2.64
Pork 9.66 212 86 1.1 0.75
Chicken (skinless) 7.41 190 89 1.21 0.33
Sockeye Salmon 10.97 216 87 0.55 5.80

Extremely Healthy
Imagine no drugs, antibiotics, nitrites, or chemicals. Many people who have problems eating other red meats can often eat bison without any problems. Our bison spend their lives on grass, just as they should, which has been shown to increase levels of healthy omega-3 oils.  And that’s just the beginning of the health benefits…

More Information on Bison Meat’s Nutritional Value
At the August 2002 meeting of the Missouri Bison Association, nutritionist Barbara Lohse Knouse, PHD, RD, LD from Kansas State University spoke about the nutritional value of bison meat. Dr. Knouse feels that there are many important advantages to bison meat in addition to its being “high in protein, low in fat and low in cholesterol.”  This is especially important during this time when more people are pursuing healthier nutritional lifestyles.

Vitamins B6 and B12: Bison is HIGH in these vitamins

  • Vitamin B12 is only available from animal sources
  • Vitamin B12 has been shown to keep the elderly mentally alert
  • Vitamin B6 is needed for protein metabolism

Sodium: Bison is LOW in Sodium

  • High sodium intake is associated with hypertension

Potassium: Bison is HIGH in potassium

  • Potassium is key to lowering blood pressure
  • Most foods high in potassium are also higher in calories than bison
  • Bison contains 1/3 more potassium than chicken

Iron: Bison is HIGH in iron

  • Iron is necessary for hemoglobin formation and prevention of anemia
  • Bison is 3 times higher In iron than pork or chicken.

Selenium: Bison is HIGH in selenium

  • Selenium is an antioxidant shown to help prevent cancer
  • Bison has 4 times more selenium than the USDA recommends as an antioxidant

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Bison is high in CLA

  • CLA is an antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent cancer at all stages.

Calories: Bison is LOW in calories

  • ½ the calories of pork and chicken